getting good things done

This has been Tim's approach since he joined the Seattle City Council in 2008—
pragmatic, progressive, evidence-based solutions.

This is the work that, with your support, he'll continue in At-large Position 8.

endorsed by The Seattle Times

Burgess has demonstrated effectiveness and leadership, especially in his work to overhaul the Seattle Police Department." —July 8, 2015

The Seattle Times

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In the news

An Open Letter to Seattle Voters: Social Justice Leaders Support Tim Burgess

"We in the social justice movement have such an impressive advocate in Tim Burgess that we have joined together enthusiastically to support his reelection to the Seattle City Council. His leadership on justice issues has made Seattle a better place for all of our children, for the immigrant community, and for our most vulnerable neighbors..."

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Council to Act on Gun Violence Tax, Mandatory Reporting of Lost and Stolen Firearms

Seattle — Council President Tim Burgess proposed two pieces of legislation as part of the City’s latest effort to improve gun safety in Seattle.

The first bill would establish a gun violence tax on the sellers of firearms and ammunition in Seattle. The revenue proceeds from the gun violence tax would be dedicated to prevention programs and research intended to reduce the burden of gun violence on Seattle residents and neighborhoods.

The second bill would require mandatory reporting of lost or stolen firearms to the Seattle Police Department. Mandatory reporting requirements promote gun safety by enabling law enforcement to better track guns used in crimes, return lost guns to their rightful owners, and protect gun owners from being falsely implicated in crimes committed with stolen guns.

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