Listening, Learning, Leading

Tim makes our city work for all of us.

Progressive Accomplishments

Families and Education—Tim proposed doubling the Families and Education levy to provide extra help for our most academically at-risk children. Taxpayers agreed, and voted overwhelmingly in favor of our kids.

Safe House for Prostituted Youth—Tim worked diligently to find funds for a new residential treatment center for children victimized by prostitution, only the fourth of its kind in the nation. When King County had to pull its funds due to the economic downturn, he appealed to the people of Seattle—and citizens gave generously. The treatment center is open and bringing healing to girls who had nowhere else to go.

Low-income Moms—Tim pushed for money to fully fund Seattle’s Nurse-Family Partnership, so every low-income, first-time mom can be mentored by specially-trained nurses for the first two years of their child’s life. For a small investment now, we reap incredible benefits for the future—more children graduating from high school, fewer involved in crime, better standard of living for moms and kids, an intervention that really works. His council colleagues agreed, and now every qualified mom has the opportunity to get the help to move out of poverty and raise her children in a healthy environment.

Wage Theft—When Tim's office began receiving complaints about a practice called "wage theft," a predatory employment practice where unscrupulous employers withhold paychecks or short pay employees, he proposed ordinance changes to explicitly make wage theft a gross misdemeanor crime. The employees taken advantage of are usually poor, often don't speak much English, and sometimes are immigrants or refugees who are trying to reestablish themselves and their families. The measure passed. Employees now have much better protection.

These tangible interventions proactively work toward a fairer, more just and safer city.

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