getting good things done

Tim makes our city work for all of us.

Progressive Accomplishments

As President of the City Council, Tim has provided effective leadership to get good things done. He ...

  • Led the push for high-quality, voluntary and affordable preschool for our youngest learners that received overwhelming voter support. Tim worked on this early investment, child-focused policy for nearly two years and believes it will make a profound difference in the lives of Seattle’s children and families. 
  • Helped Mayor Murray hire an outstanding new police chief committed to reform and protecting our safety and property, while continuing his strong push for increased accountability and transparency in our police department. Authored legislation giving the new police chief authority to hire the best commanders possible from outside or inside the police department.
  • Voted for a path-breaking, phased-in $15 minimum wage that counters the income inequities that threaten our lowest-wage workers and the middle class.
  • Protected the budget of our core city government responsibilities, such as emergency medical, fire and police services, as the council increased funding for direct human services, homelessness prevention and services for our kids.
  • Helped design the new Metropolitan Parks District that will provide long-term increased funding for our parks and community centers and a transit funding measure that will enable Seattle to increase Metro bus service. Both measures were approved by Seattle voters.

Getting good things done. This has been Tim's approach since he joined the City Council in 2008—pragmatic, progressive, evidence-based solutions. This is the work he wants to continue.

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